Monthly Fee-

Once we have agreed on the bookkeeping requirements of your business, we will negotiate a monthly fee with you that will be established for 3 to 6 months. We use fixed billing to deliver the level of service your business needs without fluctuating fees. We believe fixed fee billing without hidden fees leads to the open communication that is essential for superior service.

Start-Up Fee-

A start-up fee is a one-time charge for establishing your books in our accounting software as well as auditing your previous balances and reconciling your accounts. This process ensures that your books are balanced and that we base your future on accurate information. The fee is approximately one month’s billing.

Revision Fee-

A revision fee applies if you require us to create financial history. Generating a history is justified only if you have no previous bookkeeping records. While this option is not required, creating detailed records is highly recommended. Once we have generated past records you will be able to obtain accurate reports from previous time periods. We assemble these records by analyzing your bank and credit account statements. This fee varies widely by the amount of data entry required.

Historical records and reports are valuable for tax purposes as well as for negotiating loans and lines of credit at advantageous rates.