We have a wide range of bookkeeping services we offer. We understand that there is no two identical business or business owner. This is why we customize a business plan for each business’s needs. Our plans are extremely flexible; whether you want to do most of the bookkeeping yourself and have us simply look over your work, or have us do all the work. The work your retain and outsource to us is completely up to you.

Services we provide are as follow:

– Bank Reconciliation
– Accounts Receivable Data Entry
– Accounts Receivable Cheque Processing- We process and deposit cheques made to your business for you.
– Outstanding Accounts Receivable Reports
– Outstanding Accounts Receivable Letters
– Accounts Payable Data Entry
– Accounts Payable Processing- We pay your bills from your account for you.
– Balance Sheet Report Production
– Profit and Lost Report Production
– Trial Balance Report Production
– Invoice Production
– Invoice Submission
– Cost of Good Calculation
– Inventory record keeping
– Estimates Production
– Estimates Submission
– Budget Production
– Year End Reports
– Customer Reports
– Vendor Reports
– Job in Progress Reports
– Digital Record Keeping – We sort and store all you digital files (Invoices, Receipts, etc)
– Customized Report – Whatever you want a report on.

You will receive financial advice and explanation matching the services you select.